Can we all be a Superhero?

Since my son’s obsession with Batman began when he was three years old (seriously, he wore a Batman costume everywhere–to the grocery store, to church, to a restaurant), I often wondered what is the definition of a superhero. What makes Batman or Wonder Woman or Spiderman a superhero? In the case of Batman, (who I happen to be well-versed in, thanks to my son) he was an extremely intelligent, but otherwise ordinary man doing extraordinary things. While I have always been Team Wonder Woman, and love her, she still has some supernatural type abilities, so she doesn’t qualify as an “ordinary” woman doing extraordinary things. I am sure you are thinking…where is she going with this. (I tend to get excited when I am at my computer with uninterrupted time to write, therefore, perhaps I get wordier than I should…oh well…)

Okay, so I am going to switch gears right now, but this will all come together in the end (Promise!). Last January, I was in a bad place. Unhappy with my health and overall wellness. I had not been exercising. I was in a bad place at work. I was just an overall mess. I was perusing the internet one night after the kiddos were in bed (I mean, who doesn’t?!) and I was looking for some motivation.  I was looking for brain and physical wellness. I was looking for a way to get out of a bad spot. Enter Emily Schromm’s 21 Day Superhero Challenge. Seriously, I just happened upon it. I was on Pinterest (I can waste hours of time on Pinterest…who’s with me? (Please tell me you do this too…please…)) and looking at exercise pins. Then I clicked on something, then clicked on something else, then I was at this website with this ripped girl on the landing page and an Unleashed Fitness logo in the corner.  I looked at the bottom of the page, and I saw something that said EmFit Superhero Challenge, so I clicked on it. My curiosity about all things superhero (thanks, son) got the best of me. I came to a page where I could sign up for a 21 day challenge described as “…a 3-week informational challenge to improve your health, fitness, & habits.” The entry cost was only $21, so I was like, what the heck, I have spent more in two trips to Starbucks, so I signed up. You can sign up here:

21 Day Challenge

When I clicked the button to begin this challenge, this was the beginning of something that totally changed my view on how I eat, exercise, and view wellness, as well as a complete paradigm shift in everything I thought about health.

What do you get when you sign up for a Superhero Challenge? You get incredibly useful information on how to begin your journey into health and wellness from someone who knows her stuff. You get custom exercise programs from an industry expert. You get access to a community of superheroes who support you, answer your questions, and are just in general, totally bad ass. Seriously, signing up for this challenge is one of the best things I ever did. I have learned so much and become so much more aware of my health and the health of my family. It is seriously AMAZING!

Now, we come full circle back to the discussion of all things (conventional) superhero. So, like I said, Batman is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. What I have learned from the 21 Day Superhero Challenge from the lead superhero, Emily Schromm, is that we all have a superhero within us. We are ordinary humans, but we can do extraordinary things when we combine heart, discipline, and willingness to learn. So, Emily’s vision is that we can all harness the superhero within us and do amazing things. We do not have to rely on other superheroes–we can find one within our self! Her 21 Day Superhero Challenge gives us the tools to do that. So to answer the question posed in the title of this post–YES, we can! Won’t you sign up and join us on August 22nd? It is going to be spectacular!

Disclaimer: I am an Embassador for the Challenge. However, I participate in the challenge, and I believe that it can change your perspective on wellness. You will NOT be disappointed.